St. Bernard's R.C. Primary School, Bolton, BL3 4RX


Code of Conduct

Statement of intent

This Code of Conduct is to outline the school rules and guidance on uniform, jewellery, PE kit, presentation and items allowed in school. School uniform and having a PE kit in school is compulsory. We ask that this is adhered to so we can ensure equality and safety for all pupils.


  • Our school uniform is: grey trousers, grey pinafore or grey skirt. Red polo shirt, grey school jumper or grey school cardigan.  Grey or white socks. Tights may be worn in colder weather these need to be grey or black.  
  • In the summer term, red check dresses may be worn.
  • School shoes must be black and sensible – no heels or platforms. Slip on shoes can also be quite dangerous and offer little support to growing feet.
  • PE kit: Red t-shirt and blue shorts, PE pumps for inside and trainers can be worn in outside PE lessons along with a tracksuit.
  • No jewellery including: rings, earrings or studs are to be worn at any time in school. As this is a new introduction, grace will be given for children who have recently had ears pierced until October half term for them to wear their stud earrings. After this time, no earrings will be allowed to be worn in school.  Parents must ensure plasters are sent in to cover earrings during PE lessons until then.  
  • Watches can be worn as they will help your child to read the time. However, watches with interactive features are not allowed.
  • Nail varnish and make-up are not allowed. Washable transfer tattoos need to be removed for school.
  • Long hair must be tied back. Pupils are reminded that they are representatives of the school. Large hair bows will not be allowed.
  • Severe short hair cuts are not allowed. Patterns in hair are also not allowed.
  • School bags need to fit easily on the coat hook or in the class tray. No large ruck sacks or back packs as these do not fit on pegs and cause a hazard on the floor. Reading packs are the ideal size for books and homework to be carried to and from school.
  • Mobile phones are not usually needed in school. If your child is walking home alone and they bring a phone to school, then they must switch if off and hand it in to the school office as soon as they arrive into school.   They will be able to collect it at the end of the day.