St. Bernard's R.C. Primary School, Bolton, BL3 4RX




Autumn 1- Rio de Vida

Autumn 2- Bright Lights, Big City!

o    Music – Carnival Music, songs and percussion

o    Art and Design – headdresses, carnival masks and developing collage skills using a range of materials

o    DT – using a range of materials to make carnival instruments and evaluate their use.

o    Geography – locating countries and continents on a map and comparing Rio to the UK

o    Computing – E safety

o    RE- God’s Great Plan

o    CARITAS- Theme 1: The dignity of the human person. Theme 4: Rights and Responsibilities

o    PE - See whole school due to specialist delivery



  • Geography-Countries and Capital Cities of the UK (London Focus); Using locational language, Using maps; Geographical differences and similarities.
  • Science-Everyday materials- What were buildings made from; Working scientifically. Love to Investigate: How do you make bread?
  • D&T- Exploring Mechanisms- Vehicles; Constructing moving models- The London Eye; Understanding where food comes from-Bread Making; Design and make souvenirs; Models of London Landmarks.
  • Computing- Digital Literacy.
  • History- The Great Fire of London.
  • Music-Traditional Songs & Nursery Rhymes, Christmas carols for nativity performance.
  • RE- Mary Our Mother
  • CARITAS- Theme 2: Family and the community.
  • PE- See whole school due to specialist delivery

Spring 1- Dinosaur Planet 

Spring 2- Paws Claws and Whiskers


  • History-Events beyond living memory- handling fossils & comparing life during the age of the dinosaurs to modern life; significant individuals- Mary Anning.
  • Geography- Find & locate world continents on a map- animals close to extinction around the world.
  • Science- classifying and sorting animals- reptiles, identifying carnivores, herbivores & omnivores. Identify and name common flower and trees in our locality & compare those from the age of the dinosaurs. Love to Investigate: Whose Poo?
  • Art- Large & Small scale modelling- Dinosaurs, Eggs & Fossils!
  • D&T- Designing & Making – Prehistoric landscapes & sock dinosaurs & a Dinosaur Party.
  • Music- Percussion- Create a soundtrack for a dinosaur movie.
  • Computing- Computer Science and Information Technology.
  • P.E. – See whole school due to specialist delivery
  • RE- Families and Celebrations
  • CARITAS- Theme 5: Options for the poor and Vulnerable.

o    D&T- Designing Labels, Designing and making animal enclosures. 

o    Geography- Using and making maps- big cat habitats around the world, origins of zoo animals, describing physical features.

o    Science- Identifying carnivores, herbivores and omnivores, Sorting species of animals & comparing these to those of humans, complete a butterfly hunt to investigate camouflage. Love to Investigate: Can you leap like a frog? What is camouflage for?

o    Art- Animal Paintings, Drawings & sculptures, print making & collaging animal furs, 3D sculptures, animal masks/badges.

o    Computing- Data Handling.

o    P.E. – See whole school due to specialist delivery

o    Music- Animal Songs.

o    RE- Resurrection

o    CARITAS- Theme 6: The dignity of work.

Summer 1- Enchanted woodland

Summer 2- Splendid Skies

o    Geography- Making Maps- mini woodlands.

o    Science- Plants and Animals; Identifying and Classifying. Love to Investigate: Are all leaves the same? How do leaves change? What’s in a bud? Do pine cones know when it’s raining?

o    P.E. – See whole school due to specialist delivery

o    Art- Working with Natural Materials- tree boggarts, woodland crowns, 3D junk models, tree hangings. Drawing and Painting.

o    Computing- Digital Creativity with elements of digital literacy.

o    D&T- Building Structures- nests for woodland animals; Making Party Food.

o    RE- Following Jesus

o    CARITAS- Theme 3: Solidarity and the common good.

o     Geography- Seasonal & Daily Weather Patterns- Make a TV weather map, extreme weather in the uk, using aerial images, European countries, locating warm countries on a world map.

o    Science-Seasonal Changes Love to Investigate: How big is a raindrop? How wild is the wind? Does it snow in summer?

o    Art- Collage and Painting- weather painting, Berndnaunt Smilde’s cloud installations, sun catchers.

o    History- Significant Individuals- Sir Francis Beaufort.

o    P.E. – See whole school due to specialist delivery

o    Computing- Information Technology and Digital Creativity.

o    Music- Weather Sounds & Songs

o    RE- Miracles

o    CARITAS- Theme 7: Stewardship

If you would like any further information about the curriculum please see your child's teacher.