St. Bernard's R.C. Primary School, Bolton, BL3 4RX



Autumn 1

Autumn 2

Revolution – significant changes during Victoria’s reign and how this has affected us today.  Architects and designers during the reign of Victoria. 

RE – The Kingdom of God.

Art & Design - Artist from 1800’s – drawings / sketches / paintings. 

Design and technology –Victorian Homecraft -  Making food using Victorian recipes and sewing.

Computing – Internet safety / databases / spreadsheets.

Science - Electricity

Caritas –Theme 1 – Dignity of the Human Person.  Theme 2 – Family and Community.

PE- Games – Tag Rugby and Court Games.

Music – Music Hall.

French – Recap from last year - Who am I?  Greetings Numbers Days / months Colours Recap week.

Darwin’s Delight – classify plants and animals based on specific characteristics. To look at how animals adapt to suit their environment. To look at significant individuals from History.

RE – Justice.

Art – Improve their mastery of drawing – use of pencil, charcoal, paint and clay.

Science – Evolution and Inheritance, Living things and their Habitats.

Computing – use and create a range of software to design and create a range of programs.  To use search technologies effectively to evaluate digital content.

Caritas – Theme 5 - Options for the poor and vulnerable.

PE- Fielding and Striking.

Music – Composition.

French – World – travel and weather.

Spring 1

Spring 2

Frozen Kingdom - to study the Antarctic and its positioning.  To have used a compass effectively and grid references.

RE – Jesus, the bread of Life.

Art – to have created a sculpture. Recreate pictures of the Northern Lights.

Design and technology – Build an Igloo.

Computing – create a digital scrapbook using a variety of programs.

Science – Living things and their Habitats.

Caritas – Theme 4 – Rights and Responsibilities

PE-  Games skills and Gymnastics.

Music – On-going skills.

French – Number and Likes / dislikes.

A Child’s War  – to learn about the Second World War

RE – Jesus, son of God

Design & Tech – cook a meal from the era. To build structures.

Computing – to use simulation programs and search technologies effectively

Science – Human Circulatory System

Caritas – Theme 7 - Stewardship

PE- Dance

Music – Composition

French – Food and drink



Summer 1

Summer 2

Hola Mexico  - look at  the Ancient Maya Civilisation and where it was located.  To look at both the Human and Physical Geography of Mexico.

RE – The work of the Apostles

Art – Mayan art, carvings and sculptures. 

Design & Tech – create a Mexican fruit drink

Science – Light and shadows

Computing – Animation / Digital Presentations.

Caritas – Theme 3 – Solidarity and the Common Good

PE- Competitive games

French - Animals


ID – Discover who we are and how / why each one of them is unique.

RE – Called to Serve

Art – create a large scale of their own thumb print.

Design & Tech – 3D modelling (Antony Gormley) themselves

Science – study the human classification system.

Computing – presentation – incorporating all skills taught – video, animation, sound, moving pictures, databases, spreadsheets.

Caritas – Theme 6 – The dignity of work

PE- Athletics

Music – Production Performance

French – Animals and habitats


If you would like any further information about the curriculum please see your child's teacher.