St. Bernard's R.C. Primary School, Bolton, BL3 4RX



Autumn 1 – Alchemy Island

Autumn 2 – Fallen Fields

Geography: Map- Reading / Using Co-ordinates / Human and Physical Features

Music: Composing / Recording and Editing Software

D&T: Electrical Circuits / Designing a Board Game

Science: Properties and Changes of Materials

Computing: Basic Skills / Internet safety

PE: Orienteering & Rugby

French: Who am I? / Greetings Numbers Days / months Colours Recap week

RE: Creation

Caritas: Dignity of the Human Being

Caritas: Family and Community

History: First World War

Art & Design: Making Poppies

Geography: Maps of Europe

Music: Wartime Songs / Contemporary Songs about War

Science: Working Scientifically

Computing: Digital Literacy

PE: Gymnastics & football

French: What I look like / My family Hobbies / Likes & dislikes / Celebration

RE: The Commandments

Caritas: Option for the Poor and Vulnerable


Spring 1 - Stargazers

Spring 2 – Pharaoh

History: Significant Individuals – Galileo Galilei / Sir Isaac Newton / 1960s Space Race

Science: Earth and Space / Forces

Geography: Locating Physical Features

Computing: Digital Creativity

Art: Printing / Design

D&T: Selecting Materials / Design Research / Structures / Evaluation     

Music: Space Inspired Music and Lyrics

PE: Dance & dodgeball

French: School subjects

RE: Inspirational People

Caritas: Rights and Responsibilities


History – Ancient Egypt

Science – Properties and changes of materials

Geography - Human and physical features of Egypt; The River Nile; Tourism

Computing - Computer Science

Art – Drawing Artefacts; Headwear; Hieroglyphic Amulets

D&T – Clay water carriers; Model Tombs and pyramids

PE: Hockey & netball

French: Animals / Food / drink

RE: Reconciliation

Caritas: Stewardship


Summer 1 – Time Traveller

Summer 2 – Beast Creator

History: Changes over the Last Century

Geography: Changes in the Local Community

Science: Animals Inc Humans / Living Things in their Habitat

Computing: Computer Science    

DT: Selecting Materials

PE: Orienteering & rugby

French: Sports

RE: Life in the Risen Lord

Caritas: Solidarity and the Common Good


Science: Living Things and Their Habitats

Geography: Local Fieldwork / Contrasting Locations

Computing: Data Handling         

Art & Design: Drawing / Perspectives

Music: Production

PE: Athletics & SAQ

French: Seasons / Weather

RE: People of other Faiths

Caritas: Dignity of Work


If you would like any further information about the curriculum please see your child's teacher.