St. Bernard's R.C. Primary School, Bolton, BL3 4RX


Year 4 Curriculum 2017

Autumn 1

Autumn 2

Topic: Potions

Literacy (book): George’s Marvellous Medicine, Alice in Wonderland

Numeracy: Place value, symmetry, equivalent fractions, translation

Science: States of Matter

History: Historic use of potions

Computing: Presenting information, Online Safety

PE: Gymnastics, SAQ

Art: Design, clay, photography

DT: Product development

Music: Improvising

RE: The Bible

CARITAS: Theme 2 – Dignity of the Human Person

French: All About Me!

Topic: Misty Mountain Sierra

Literacy (book): The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe

Numeracy: Decimals, mass, time, place value

Science: Human Impact

Geography: Using maps, human/ physical Geography

Computing: Satellite maps, GPS, 2D animation, rsearch

PE: Dance, Games

Art: Clay, weaving

DT: Cooking and Nutrition

Music: Writing songs

RE: Trust in God

CARITAS: Theme 5 – Options for the poor and vulnerable

French: Travel and the Weather

Spring 1

Spring 2

Topic: Burps, Bottoms and Bile

Literacy (book): Horrid Henry’s Author’s Visit, Dirty Bertie: Burp!

Numeracy: money, triangles and quadrilaterals, adding/subtracting fractions, volume and capacity, diving by 10/100, coordinates,

Science: Teeth and Digestion

History: Local History/Ancient civilisation

Art: LS. Lowry

DT: Healthy food, textiles

Music: Composition

Computing: Animation, digital images

PE: Gymnastics, Games

RE: Jesus the Teacher

CARITAS: Theme 4 – Family and Community and Theme 1 – Rights and Responsibilities.

French: Preferences and Numbers

Topic: I am Warrior!

Literacy (books):  A Series of Unfortunate Events Numeracy: Discrete and continuous data, decimals, perimeter and area, place value

Science: Sound

History: Romans

Art: Patterns and print, sketch books

DT: Jewellery and weapon making, modelling, clay runes

Music: Singing skills Computing: Algorithms

PE: Netball, Games

RE: Jesus the Saviour

CARITAS: Theme 7 - Stewardship

French: Food and Drink

Summer 1

Summer 2

Topic: Blue Abyss

Literacy (books): How to Train Your Dragon

Numeracy: Angles, fractions, length, place value

Science: Living Things and their Habitats/Animals

Geography: Seas and oceans of the world, the Great Barrier reef

Computing: Programming, video editing, multimedia presentations

PE: Dance, Games

Art: 3D models, Anthony Formley, Batrick

DT: Working models

Music: History of music

RE: Mission of the Church

CARITAS: Theme 3 - Solidarity and the Common Good

French: Animals

Topic: Road Trip USA

Literacy  (books): The Indian in the Cupboard, June 29th, 1999

Numeracy: Division, discrete and continuous data

Science: Electricity

Geography: Using world and US maps, human and physical Geography

Computing: collaborative databases and spreadsheets, writing programs, research, digital presentations

PE: Athletics, Orienteering

Art: Weaving

DT: Model making

Music: Traditional and Cultural music

RE: Belonging to the Church

CARITAS: Theme 6 - Dignity of Work

French: Habitats

If you would like any further information about the curriculum please see your child's teacher.