St. Bernard's R.C. Primary School, Bolton, BL3 4RX


YEAR 3 Curriculum 2017

Autumn 1- Tribal Tales.

Autumn 2- Scrumdiddlyumptious.

o    History(topic focus)-  Prehistoric Britain from the Stone Age to the Iron Age.

o    Science- Plants, Light & Working Scientifically.

Love to Investigate: Do plants have legs? What are flowers for?

o    Art & Design- Neolithic Art, Clay Beakers, Cave Paintings & Iron Age Jewellery.

o    D&T- Tool design & making, building structures.

o    Geography- Fieldwork, Human & Physical Geography, Using Maps & Aerial Images.  

o    Computing- E-Safety & Creating castles using drawing software.  

o    RE- The Christian Family.

o    CARITAS- Theme 1: The dignity of the human person. Theme 2: Family & Community.

o    PE- Basketball & Rugby.

o    French- All about me.

o    D&T (topic focus)- Cooking & Nutrition.

o    Science- Nutrition.

Love to Investigate: Which is the juiciest fruit? Is it safe to eat?

o    Geography-Food Miles & fair Trade.

o    History- Significant Individuals- James Lind.

o    Art & Design- Sculpture & Observational Drawing.

o    Music-Vegetable Orchestra.

o    Computing- Digital Literacy

o    RE- Mary Our Mother

o    CARITAS- Theme 5: Options for the poor and Venerable.

o   PE- Dance & Orienteering.

o   French- Greetings, Numbers & Months.

Spring 1- Predator.

Spring 2- Heroes & Villains.

o    Science (topic focus)-  Food Chains, Fossils, Plant Parts, Water Transportation in Plants, Skeletal Systems & Working Scientifically.

Love to Investigate: How do fossils form? What are our joints for? How do worms move? What do owls eat? Why are trees tall?

o    Geography- Fieldwork & Using Maps to Locate Countries & Continents.

o    Art & Design- 3D Scale Models, Painting & Sketching.

o    D&T- Selecting & using Materials (collage & textiles).

o    Computing- Computer Science and Information Technology.

o    RE- Called to Change.

o    CARITAS- Theme 4: Rights and Responsibilities.

o    P.E. – Dance & Netball.

o    French- Subjects.

o    Music (topic focus)-  Singing & Performance, Comparing Music, Listening & Appreciation, Notation, Composition & Rhythm.

o    D&T- Puppet Making & Flip Books.  

o    Science- Love to Investigate: Are mushrooms deadly?

o    Art & Design- Sculpture & Illustration.

o    Computing- Data Handling.

o    RE- Being a Christian

o    CARITAS- Theme 7: Stewardship

o    P.E. – Dodgeball & Gymnastics.

o    French- Animals, Food & Drink.

Summer 1- Tremors.

Summer 2- Gods & Mortals.

o    Geography (topic focus)- Volcanoes & earthquakes.

o    Science- Rocks

Love to Investigate: What is sand?

o    Art & Design- Sculpture & Photography.

o    D&T- Structures.

o    History- Ancient Rome- Pompeii

o    Music- Composition.

o    Computing- Information Technology and Digital Creativity.

o    RE- Celebrating Easter & the Pentecost.  

o    CARITAS- Theme 3: Solidarity and the common good.

o    P.E. – Athletics & Gymnastics.

o    French- Sports

o    History (topic focus)- Ancient Greece.

o    Geography- Ancient & Modern day Greece, Geographical Features & Using Maps.

o    Science- Love to Investigate: Why did Icarus fall from the sky?

o    Art & Design- 3D Sculpture, Greek Art & Design.

o    D&T- Moving Parts & Model Making.

o    Computing- Digital Creativity with elements of digital literacy.

o    RE- Eucharist

o    CARITAS- Theme 6: The dignity of work.

o    P.E. – Football & Hockey.  

o    French- Seasons


If you would like any further information about the curriculum please see your child's teacher.