St. Bernard's R.C. Primary School, Bolton, BL3 4RX




Autumn 1

Autumn 2

Topic: Memory Box

Science: Animals, including Humans (how humans grow, caring for babies); working scientifically

History: Changes within living memory; significant people, places and events in the local area.

Computing: E-Safety

PE: Football and Parachute Games

Art: Drawing and painting; collaging; portraits

DT: Making picnic foods; making a memory box

Music: Using music to help us remember; performing class songs

RE: God’s Chosen People

CARITAS: The Dignity of the Human Person; Family and Community

Topic: Street Detectives

Science: Identifying and comparing everyday materials; identifying plants in the local area

Geography: Fieldwork in the local area; human and physical features; using and making maps with keys; looking at aerial images

Computing: Digital Literacy

PE: Gymnastics and Dance

Art: Famous local artists, drawing, painting, collaging views

DT: Selecting tools and materials, baking, sign making

Music: Nativity

RE: Mysteries

CARITAS: Options for the Poor and Vulnerable

Spring 1

Spring 2

Topic: Wriggle and Crawl

Science: Living things and their habitats; animals, including humans; working scientifically

Geography: Fieldwork

Computing: Computer Science and Information Technology

PE: Gymnastics and Basketball

Art: Observational drawing; model making

DT: Origins of food; selecting natural materials

Music: Playing tuned and untuned instruments

RE: The Good News

CARITAS: Rights and Responsibilities

Topic: The Scented Garden

Science: Plants

Geography: Plants in the local environment; plants of the world

Computing: Data Handling

PE: Hockey and SAQ (Speed, Agility and Quickness)

Art: Observational drawing; sculptures; flower pressing

DT: Making fragrant products

Music: Action rhymes

RE: The Mass

CARITAS: Stewardship


Summer 1

Summer 2

Topic: Land Ahoy

Science: Everyday materials; working scientifically

Geography: Using and making maps; location knowledge; using and giving directions

History: Significant historical people – Captain James Cook and Grace Darling; famous pirates

Computing: Information Technology and Digital Creativity

PE: Dance and Cricket

Art: Observational drawing; printing

DT: Mechanisms; structures

Music: Sea Shanties

RE: Eastertide

CARITAS: Solidarity and the Common Good

Topic: Beachcombers

Science: Habitats; living and non-living things; food chains; basic needs of animals; working scientifically

Geography: Coastal features

Computing: Digital Creativity with elements of Digital Literacy

PE: Athletics

Art: Sketchbooks; 3D modelling; sand art; seascapes

DT: Finger puppets

Music: Bernie’s God Talents

RE: The Church is Born

CARITAS: The Dignity of Work


If you would like any further information about the curriculum please see your child's teacher.